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  • How do I register for programs?
    Go to the top menu under "Join." You will see links for Individual and Group Registration. Click the one that applies to you and it will take you to the registration page where you can select the specific program you want.
  • Are your programs just for kids?
    No. We have a large variety of programs for kids and young adults, but we also offer programs for adults in corporate, non-profit, and other community settings.
  • Are you a 501c3 organization?
    We are currently in the process of applying for 501c3 tax exempt status. Our fiscal sponsor is CAUSA.
  • Are your programs COVID conscious?
    Yes, in-person groups are currently limited to small sizes, 3-5 students at a time for music production, and 10-20 students (socially distanced) for dance classes. We also offer virtual programs which are listed under "About Us" in the menu bar.
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